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Tipple offers wine, champagne, beer, and other assorted beverages on tap from our antique Model T, The Little Red Truck. Serving the greater Pittsburgh region (and beyond), The Little Red Truck is available for weddings, private parties, corporate events, festivals, and much more! The Tipple team can make recommendations and help you source beverages for your event -- taking the guesswork out of choosing the best wines and champagnes for you. 

Contact us today to find out how we can add a very unique and special element to your next event!

The Little Red Truck

The Tipple team was introduced to The Little Red Truck in the Spring of 2018 and immediately fell in love.  This fire engine red 1925 Model T pickup truck has a rich history, eventually finding its way to the 'burgh through Connecticut.

More than 60 years ago, The Little Red Truck was found in a Midwest barn in good condition. Over time it was gradually brought back to its initial splendor using original hardware.  From there, the truck went to live in a Texas museum for 10 years.  It was sold in 1974 to the Hasek family of Illinois.  It suffered minor damage to the bed during a tornado in the '80's, but was soon repaired.  It brought plenty of joy to the family as it was passed down from father to son, and provided countless rides to the grandchildren.

In 2000, The Little Red Truck was disassembled and underwent a massive restoration that included rebuilding both the engine and transmission.  The upper part of the cab is new, but the rest of the truck (including the sheet metal, windows, and hardware) is from the mid-1920's!  The Little Red Truck ventured to Connecticut in 2012 with a different owner, and made appearances in numerous parades and exhibitions. 

As the first Tipple truck, we are over the moon excited to bring this special piece of Americana to your event.  With the addition of our custom tap box, The Little Red Truck is sure to continue its legacy by bringing joy to you and yours!

Just Plain Fun


tipple (tip·ple) verb, drink alcohol, especially habitually


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Pittsburgh residents, Elaina and Ashley, are passionate about tippling. There's not a happy hour in the tri-state area that they haven't attended. They strive to bring their energy and love for the modern day tipple to your most special events. With The Little Red Truck leading the fleet, it's sure to be a conversation piece your guests will remember.

It is their mission to curate an experience uniquely tailored to you.  These scientists turned project managers turned tipplers will not allow a detail to escape unnoticed.